Transforming Access to Real Estate Investment
Bogotá, Colombia
Andrés Amaya (CEO), Mateo Amaya (COO) and José Alberto (CFO)

Democratizing Real Estate Investment

Transforming Access to Real Estate Investment

In the dynamic world of real estate investment, where opportunities were once reserved for the affluent and institutional investors, Protti emerges as a groundbreaking platform offering equitable access to real estate projects.‍

Founded by Andrés Amaya, Mateo Amaya and José Alberto, Protti stands as a pioneer in fractioning real estate projects, enabling participation with as little as one thousand dollars. This approach allows individuals from all backgrounds to co-own a share of a project, receive monthly rents from highly recognized tenants, and enjoy capital appreciation.

Why Choose Protti?

  • Inclusive Investment: With a minimum investment of just one thousand dollars, Protti democratizes access to real estate investment, opening doors to a wider audience.
  • Strategic Asset Selection: Focused on assets in the construction phase and long-term lease agreements, Protti aims for better profitability and significant stability for its investors.
  • Collaborative Industry Approach: Without a current regulator in Colombia for such platforms, Protti actively engages with industry players and regulators to shape the future of real estate investment collaboratively.

Designed For:

  • First-time Real Estate Investors
  • Experienced Investors seeking diversification
  • Individuals looking for passive income streams
  • Those interested in partaking in commercial real estate

What You Can Achieve with Protti:

  • Ownership in high-value real estate projects.
  • Monthly rental income from reputable tenants.
  • Participation in the asset's capital appreciation.
  • A straightforward and accessible investment process.
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