Charting New Horizons in Aviation Excellence
US & Colombia
Marco Criado (CEO) & Fernando Escobar (COO)

Charting New Horizons in Aviation Excellence

Navigating the Future of Aviation with Unmatched Precision and Care

Visionary Leadership

Under the guidance of CEO Marco Criado and COO Fernando Escobar, SkySolutions72 has flourished, setting new standards in the aviation services sector. Their leadership, fueled by extensive experience and a passion for aviation, continues to propel the company towards new heights of success and innovation.

Since its inception in 2007, SkySolutions72 has emerged as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the aviation industry. With a commitment to excellence and precision, the company has dedicated itself to elevating the aviation experience for its clients, transforming complex challenges into seamless solutions.

Core Values: Integration, Commitment, and Ethics

Integration: SkySolutions72 stands as a guardian in the complex skies of aviation, providing clients with the assurance that every facet of their aircraft's operation is under vigilant care. The company integrates its comprehensive services seamlessly into clients' operations, ensuring peak performance and adherence to the highest standards.

Commitment: Understanding the critical nature of each task and client, SkySolutions72 embodies a spirit of unwavering dedication and professionalism. The company's commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions is evident in every project undertaken, ensuring clients receive unsurpassed service and results.

Ethics: With transparency and integrity at its core, SkySolutions72 builds enduring relationships with clients through honest and transparent communication. This ethical approach underpins the company's operations, instilling confidence and trust in its services.

Elevating Client Experiences: Premier Services

Innovation through Research and Development: Innovation is the heartbeat of SkySolutions72, driving the company to explore new frontiers in safety, human factors, and environmental sustainability. Through rigorous research and development, SkySolutions72 continues to introduce groundbreaking solutions to the aviation market.

Uncompromised Safety with Comprehensive Audits: SkySolutions72's audit services are meticulously crafted to enhance operational safety, instilling confidence in clients and forging lasting relationships built on trust.

Exemplary Aircraft Management: Entrusting SkySolutions72 with aircraft management allows clients to focus on their core business areas, assured that every aspect of their aircraft's operation is being expertly managed.

Revolutionary 3PL Solutions: Leveraging its extensive aviation network, SkySolutions72's third-party logistics solutions provide clients with the tools to enhance their e-commerce strategies and operational efficiency.

Seamless International Trip Support: The company's iTrips services offer a comprehensive suite of international travel support, ensuring clients enjoy a hassle-free experience across Latin America.

SkyFuel: Fueling Success: Beyond mere fuel supply, SkyFuel represents SkySolutions72's commitment to providing a holistic range of services, ensuring clients' aviation needs are fully met and exceeded.

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