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As co-founders of Voice123, my wife Tania and I became accidental entrepreneurs, successfully growing our business to over 200,000 users without traditional startup funding like venture capital.

Our journey highlights a crucial point: the Silicon Valley investment model, focused on high valuations and large-scale exits, often stifles smaller, sustainable businesses.

This approach overlooks the potential of “not-so-big” companies, which can be both profitable and impactful.

Frustrated with the investment world's bias against so-called lifestyle startups, I propose a new investment concept: "convertible revshare."

In this model, angels and accelerators would invest in startups through a revenue-sharing agreement that could later convert into equity. This method would support a broader range of businesses, including those often ignored by traditional funding methods, such as bootstrapped or non-profit companies.

I believe this approach could foster a more inclusive startup ecosystem, focusing on long-term growth and sustainability. It shifts the emphasis from impressing investors to satisfying clients, and from short-term gains to enduring success. I invite thoughts on this idea, its potential challenges, and its applicability in various economic environments.

Could this be a way forward for emerging economies and even Silicon Valley?

Alexander Torrenegra

2011 - Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio emerged as a separate entity, building upon the insights gained from Voice123. Alexander, Tania, and Santiago focused on scaling this new company.

2019 - Torre.ai

Alexander consistently recognized the necessity of acquiring top talent in his companies, yet found the industry lacking. This led him to establish Torre alongside Andrés Cajiao, which has raised over $10M USD to date.

2019 — Tribe

Both Alexander and Tomás had experience managing global and remote teams in their previous ventures. However, they found that existing platforms did not replicate the daily experience of working in an office. This need became more pronounced during the COVID-19 lockdown and thus Tribe was born

2024 — Accelerator

During this period, the Emma Group was founded. It is a Venture Studio with a proven track record.

Alexander and Tania have invested in notable companies like Cornershop (with a $3 billion USD exit) and Viva Real (with a $640 million USD exit), and have been Limited Partners (LPs) in funds such as Marathon and Latitud.

The accelerator is designed to leverage all these experiences to assist you, the future successful founder, in Latin America.
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